Scoopexpert gives people all around the world full professional and life experience by connecting them to what’s happening around them.

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We are the personal assistant on how to effectively use their time.

For event organizers

We provide full range of services to manage events.

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We provide reports and insights on event landscape


Imagine one place where you can find local markets, conferences, sports-events, festivals, life music, theater, gaming competitions etc.
This is the perfect tool to help you plan your time with the things you love and need and to connect you to other like-minded people!

Scoopexpert Social Event Platform

The Scoop Expert Platform offers a complete set of applications to enable organizations, tourism authorities, city marketing agencies be active in promoting tourism and to engage locals and tourists through a single spot merging spectator’s and participator’s experiences.

Selected event organizers can publish their events centrally and at the same time tourists and locals can plan their own personalized experiences, including a smooth process of planning the day, getting tickets, transport, accommodation, invite others, interactions, sharing reviews, etc.


Modern, real-time, social applications, supporting high traffic and big data requirements. The core architecture is built on a single stack, providing a framework for an integrated set of business tooling, consisting of multiple modules that can be individually configured and extended.

Multiple accessibility & Responsive

Responsive templates, form and function automatically adapt to the screen size and device of the visitor. Consistent and user-friendly experience accessible from different devices (smartphone, tablets, and computers).

Data & Business intelligence

Solid analytics and reporting functionality measuring all interactions on the platform and allows various stakeholders in your organization to listen to feedback, measure the effectiveness of their programs and to respond to changes in minutes.

Among our partners

Different corporate and governmental organizations.

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Monitoring, automatic real-time backups, and more