About ScoopExpert Platform

ScoopExpert connects to events people love wherever they are in the world. We have the biggest database of business and leisure events. Our personal assistant helps to find the activities that they’re passionate about, enriching life based on personal preferences and location.

This platform is unique and is a real time solution to combine “spectator’s” dimensions with the “participator’s” dimension of everyday life of people.


Scoop Expert Social Event Platform

The Scoop Expert Platform offers a complete set of applications to enable organizations, tourism authorities, city marketing agencies be active in promoting tourism and to engage locals and tourists through a single spot merging spectator’s and participator’s experiences.

Selected event organizers can publish their events centrally and at the same time tourists and locals can plan their own personalized experiences, including a smooth process of planning the day, getting tickets, transport, accommodation, invite others, interactions, sharing reviews, etc.

Scoop Expert Platform Key Features

Cloud-based and scalable: runs in the cloud, offering high performance from any location, unlimited scalability and low total cost of ownership.

Multiple accessibility & Responsive: responsive templates, form and function automatically adapt to the screen size and device of the visitor. Consistent and user-friendly experience accessible from different devices (smartphone, tablets, and computers).

Integrated: modern, real-time, social applications, supporting high traffic and big data requirements. The core architecture is built on a single stack, providing
a framework for an integrated set of business tooling, consisting of multiple modules that can be individually configured and extended.

Stable & Secure: fast and scalable environment with the best possible security, uptimes, speed and flexibility. Data policy is compliant with the EU Directive 95/46/EC. Compliant to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 at TIER III level certifications.

Comprehensive SLA: 24×7 monitoring, automatic real-time backups, and more.

Rapid product enhancements: Architecture based on agile development processes and designed to support customization without locking clients into a specific version or forcing them to make costly code changes each time they upgrade.

Data & Business intelligence: solid analytics and reporting functionality measuring all interactions on the platform and allows various stakeholders in your organization to listen to feedback, measure the effectiveness of their programs and to respond to changes in minutes.

Linguistic analytics tool: various linguistic tools to support internationalization on both the frontend and backend of the platform.